An art project to support the fight against torture

Artists Against Torture (ACT) is an innovative initiative that establishes a dialogue between artists and torture prevention within the art world.

Our Mission

In April 2020, the Association for the Prevention of Torture (APT) and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) joined forces to set up the independent association Artists Against Torture (ACT).

Building a bridge between art and human rights, our 2022 campaign will:


both the general public and the authorities on the persistent existence of torture and its damaging effects on human beings.


APT and ICRC action to fight against torture.


seek financial support to be devolved to APT and ICRC programs against torture.

Events and Activities

Inauguration of ACT 2022 by Alfredo Jaar at artgenève

Inauguration of ACT 2022 by Alfredo Jaar at artgenève

On the occasion of artgenève, Artists Against Torture (ACT) announced the launch of its 2022 campaign in collaboration with internationally renowned artist and architect Alfredo Jaar. To inaugurate this project, ACT presented an exclusive creation of Alfredo Jaar.

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